Afraid of love   9 comments

[ I never thought i’ll get to this point…in which to say that i’m afraid of love…]
I’ve dreamed too much some time ago
I’ve always let it flow, i’ve always known
That, one day i’m gonna fall, fall fall
And in the end i falled for you; Shall
I began to write down our story for the hundreth time?
Neah, it is not worth; For you it only was a part-time
Job to be with me, so now i move on, and i want
You to see this. But here’s my problem, cause i can’t
Ya, seems that i can’t love again, can’t show to this
New guy what i began to feel for him, can’t tell what is
Going on with me right now, cause i feel strange
And has nothing to do with his fuckin age
Has nothing to do with nothing,
The thing is that i like him,
He seems to like me too, but i’m afraid
It seems i really need his aid…
Unfortunately i can’t go farther than the game
This just because i don’t want to make the same
Mistakes, i don’t want to feel that pain again
I don’t want  to give once more my love in vain
Cause hurted so much back then, and now
It would hurt me even more…you know….
I’ve never thought i’d be afraid of loving someone
Moreover now, when you seem to be the one
That i need, that could love me the right way
Nevertheless, i am afraid that one day u’ll just go away
You seem so mr. perfect, so mr. right
You seem so cool, your mind’s so bright
You know how talk to me when i am mad
You calm me down, and set me to the bed
You make me feel so good, u make me smile
No matter what is wrong, u fix it everytime
And feels so good when in your arms
Feels like, can’t touch me any harms;
Whenever we’re together i feel like in heaven
But when we are apart it’s like i’m taken
To another world were all my fears come to the surface,
A world where older hurts, pain and memories take the place
Of your sweet smile and warm embrace
Those moments, i miss your hand touching my face
Those moments, i want you to be around and save me
From all these thoughts, i want you to set me free
And cure all the scars that love has left in my heart,
I wish we wouldn’t be apart…
But still i’m scared cause i remember what i’ve been through
Yet i know you’re different, i know what you say it’s true
Still..i’m afraid of love, afraid of letting it flow,
So i’ll be just waiting for more now…

Posted June 22, 2010 by justafreak in De-ale mele

9 responses to “Afraid of love

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  1. e geniala 😡 >:D<

  2. :X ador poezia asta:x ador cum ti-ai fkt blogu
    super fatooo:X

    fiinto=)) b-( stii tu ce tre sa faci de maine;;)

    hai te pup pe portofel:X ai grija de gogu=)) black gogu;;)

  3. :))) fiinto esti belea:))))
    si faza cu black gogu e a mea!!!!! :))))….am io grija d el=))) nu e problema:)))))) :->:-> stai sa vz dupa bac ce grija o sa am….:))))))))))))))

  4. eh nu te’as lasa chiar repetenta. dar tre sa mai lucrezi la gramatica. dar in rest.. ce sa spun.. PLAGIAAAT!!! mi-ai furat poezia :))
    glumesc 😛 e foarte calumea. chiar imi gasesc propriile mele idei pe’acolo (DUH) :))
    stay safe fatha :-*

  5. mai stii :))
    la naiba hai sa experimentam fatha!! zicem amandoua ca suntem leszbiene :))
    of la naiba :)) =))

    • =)) damn it! [mircea solcanu’s voice] this is a FUCKING good [ i mean “good fucking”:)))))))] idea:))))))))))

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